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The best sites

1.Cherokee - The Official Web Site of the Cherokee Nation based in Tahlequah Oklahoma. The Western Band of Cherokee are a federally recognized Native American Indian Tribe. This web site containd Cherokee Nation News, services for tribal members, informat
Cherokee, Nation, tsa la gi, Native American, Indian, Tribe, Heritage, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, Genealogy, Geneology, Federally Recognized, Pow wow, Stomp Dance, minority services and programs, Government, Indian Health Services, Culture, Legends, Tear Dress,
  • http://www.cherokee.org/Home.asp

  • 2.Cherokee Observer, Founded in 1992, we are the only independent cherokee newspaper.
    american indian, native american, cherokee, cherokee newspaper, newspaper, language, Oklahoma, Cherokee Nation, keetoowah, Keetoowah
  • http://www.cherokeeobserver.org/

  • 3.Site Officiel Indigenous échanges 5 continents,Les nations à travers le monde
    Amérindiens,Indiens,Natives,Aborigènes,Associations,Autochtones,Blackfeet,Carabbean,Cheyenne,Cherokee,Chitimacha, Cree,Choctaw,Comanche,Dakota,Haïda,Kiowa
  • http://www.ifrance.com/indiannativ

  • 4.Websites by and about Indians from the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy
    Tuscarora,tuscarora,tuscarora nation,nation,Indian,America Indian,Tuscarora,Six Nations,Iroquois,Native American,Native,haudenosaunee,mohawk,oneida,onondaga,cayuga,seneca,treaty,treaties,chief,warrior,handsome lake,red jacket,cornplanter,seneca,festival,f
  • http://tuscaroras.com/index.html

  • 5.Links-to Native Nations (Native American Indian tribes) websites -- official and unofficial, U.S. and Canada
    native american, indigenous, aboriginal, Oneida, Lakota, Dakota, Sioux, Nez Perce, Mohawk, Ojibwe, paiute, hopi, havasupai Inuit, Cherokee, Lumbee, Ohlone, california canada mohawk tuscarora seneca ojibwe cree shuswap inuit inupiat
  • http://www.kstrom.net/isk/tribes/tribes.htm

  • 6.Turtle Island Native Network-Canada's Aboriginal news and information network. Aboriginal news and information network. A well managed intersection for Aboriginal Peoples on the Information Highway.','Aboriginal, First Nations, Native, Network, Turtle, I
    Native, Network, Turtle, Island, Canada, Inuit, Metis, Pow Wow, Chiefs, councils, Self Government, Treaties, Culture, Education, Tuscaroras,
  • http://www,.turtleisland,.org/communities/communities

  • 7.ONEIDA ACTION NEWS CENTER Getting Ready For Winter, Tee Pees Loaned to Danielle to help house Supporters during the cold months. GENICIDE IN CENTRAL NEW YORK, Teach-in By Danielle Schenandoah, Featuring Video Presentation And Disscusion
  • http://www.angelfire.com/indie/oneidas/

  • 8.The Absentee Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma
    Cultural and official Shawnee web informations
  • http://www.astribe.com/

  • 9.Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana
    Sovereign Nation of the Chitimacha “To still walk this same land our ancestors walked. To again be able to care and provide for our people and those around us. To rekindle the pride in being Chitimacha. That is the greatest gift we can give our child
  • http://www.chitimacha.com/

  • 10.Mohegan Nation traditional tribal website with information on culture, history, goverment, news, links, pow-wows, folklore, tribal council, and contact information.
    Minnetonka Moccasins, Native American Items, Indian Feathers, Leathers, Books and Music, Sterling Silver, Turquoise, Watch Bands, Peace Pipes, Pottery, Baskets, Kachina Dolls, Beads and Findings, Rugs and Prints, Shields and Rattles, Ear
  • http://www.mohegannation.com/

  • 11.Primary historic documents about the Wyandot Indians
    Wyandot Nation, Indian, Aboriginal, Native American, History, Culture, Language
  • http://www.sfo.com/~denglish/wynaks/

  • 12.The Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribe, also known as the Toi Ticutta (cattail eaters) is located in the Lahontan Basin, in the shadow of the sacred Fox Peak Mountain.
    Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribe, Paiute, Paiute Tribes, Shoshone, Shoshone Tribes, Fallon, Nevada, Northern Nevada, Native Americans, American Indians, Fox Peak, Lahontan Basin, tribal health clinic, tribal senior center, tribal education, Paiute language, S
  • http://www.fpst.org/

  • 13.Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation" Fort McDowell, Yavapai, tribe, native american, indian, reservation
    Yavapai, official, indigenous, Tribe, american, indian, reservation
  • http://www.ftmcdowell.org/

  • 14.Welcome to the Official site Hopi Tribe "Kuwawata History
    Hopi, hopi, Hopi culture, Hopi Indians, Hopi People, Hopi Tribe, Hopi Nation
  • http://www.hopi.nsn.us/

  • 15.The official source for information about the 40,000+ members of the Lumbee Indian Tribe of Robeson County and southeastern North Carolina USA.
    lumbee, lumbee indian, lumbee tribe, lumbee people, lumbee nation, native american, indian, indians, pembroke, robeson county, locklear, oxendine, jacobs, hunt, swett, jones, lowery, lowry, chavis, maynor, brooks, strickland, brayboy, cummings, uncp, unc
  • http://www.lumbeetribe.com/

  • 16.The Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Indians Of New Jersey are a State Recognized Tribe and have registered our intent to file for Federal Recognition.
    Traditions,oficial informations,history,genealogy,past tribal,Events,New Jersey
  • http://www.nanticoke-lenape.org/

  • 17.Sección de Pueblos Indígenas del ETM
    Pueblos Indigenas, ETM
  • http://www.indigenas.oit.or.cr/

  • 18.In the midst of the Big Thicket forest near Lake Livingston Texas lies Texas' oldest Indian Reservation, home of the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas....
  • http://www.alabama-coushatta.com/index2.html

  • 19.Native American, Fort Apache Reservation, White Mountain Fires, outdoor vacation, Rodeo Fire, Chediski Fire, Arizona Fires, Fishing, boating, camping, high peaks, of the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation. Explore 400 miles of clear, sparkling strea
    Native American, White Mountain Apache, Fort Apache Reservation, white mountain fires, Chediski Fire, Rodeo Chediski fires, resorts, casinos, conference center, Hotels, mountains, recreation, rv park, Arizona, White Mountains, Apache Tribe, Pinetop, Sunri
  • http://www.wmat.nsn.us/

  • 20.Welcome to the Haudenosaunee Home Page, the official source of news and information from the Haudenosaunee, comprised of the traditional leadership of the Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk and Tuscarora Nations.
  • http://www.sixnations.org/

  • 21.The Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma Official Web Site 1999
    Cheyenne, Arapaho, tribes, Native American, American Indian, Indian, Oklahoma, southern, culture, information, links, tipi, sovereign nation, Global Thinking
  • http://www.cheyenneandarapaho.org/

  • 22.The Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma Official Web Site 1999
    Cheyenne, Arapaho, tribes, Native American, American Indian, Indian, Oklahoma, southern, culture, information, links, tipi, sovereign nation, Global Thinking
  • http://www.cheyenneandarapaho.org/

  • 23.Treaty 7 Tribal Council: We're not only Alberta's but also Canada's 1st, First Nations Internet Service Provider
    First, Nations, nation, Aboriginal, aboriginal, Native, American, Canadian, Indian, Treaty, education, health, links, awards, courses
  • http://www.treaty7.org/

  • 24.Tlingit and Haida Tribal Government Indigenous People Alaska Native Central Council Sovereign Entity Indian Tribes of Alaska
  • http://www.tlingit-haida.org/

  • 25.Welcome to the Official Hopi Cultural Preservation Office Web Site. Find out about Hopi Culture, Arts and Crafts, and Research Policies
    Hopi, Hopi, Reservation, Arizona, Arizona, Flagstaff, Northern Arizona, Peublo, Hopi, Research Policies, Hopi Culture, Hopi Arts and Crafts, Hopi Current Issues, Hopi Villages, Hopi Agriculture, Oral Traditions, Intellectual Property Rights, Northern Ariz
  • http://www.nau.edu/~hcpo-p/

  • 26.Innu Nation WWW Site
    Innu, Montagnais, Naskapi, Nitassinan, Labrador, Newfoundland, Canada, Quebec, Mamit Innuat, aboriginal, native, First Nation, indigenous, land claims, land rights, environment, low-level flight training, military, mining, mineral exploration, forestry, m
  • http://www.innu.ca/

  • 27.Come and Visit the Makam Nation on the beuatiful Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.
    Olympic Peninsula, Port Angeles, Neah Bay, Lake Cresent, Sequim, Olympic National Park, Seattle, Washington, Portland
  • http://www.northolympic.com/makah/

  • 28.A voice for Native American intertribal unity in the midwest
    Native American, Indian, tribe, Wisconsin, Great Lakes, Council, intertribal, inter-tribal, GLITC, Chippewa, Ojibway, Anishnabe, Potawatomi, Oneida, Ho-Chunk, Winnebago, Menominee, Mohican, reservation, tourism, tourist, heritage, treaty, pow-wow, casino,
  • http://www.glitc.org/index.html

  • 29.First Nations Technical Institute, established in 1985, is an Aboriginal owned and operated education and training facility. It is located on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory near Deseronto, Ontario, Canada.
    aboriginal training mohawk language heritage indian native technical aviation pla plar capla tyendinaga reserve culture
  • http://www.tyendinaga.net/

  • 30.Nuxalk Nation threatened by Mining and Deep Sea Port
    *New* Nuxalk Council, Elections 2001
  • http://www.nuxalk.org/

  • 31.The Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community was created by Executive Order on June 14, 1879 by President Rutherford B. Hayes. The Community is located in Maricopa County, aside the boundaries of Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills and metropolitan P
    Community,Hystory,economic development,enterprise,Pima Nation
  • http://www.saltriver.pima-maricopa.nsn.us/

  • 32.The Powhatan Renape Nation is an American Indian Nation located at the Rankokus Indian Reservation in Westampton Township, Burlington County, New Jersey.
    American Indian, Native American, Powhatan, Rankokus Indian Reservation, Rancocas, Pocahontas, Native, Cultural, Indian, museum, New Jersey
  • http://www.powhatan.org/

  • 33.Asakiwaki means "people of the yellow earth" and Meshkwahkihawi means "people of the red earth". These two distinct Native American nations are united in Oklahoma as the Sac and Fox Nation.
    Fish, Ocean, Thunder, Bear, Fox, Bear Potato, Deer, Beaver, Snow and Wolf
  • http://www.cowboy.net/native/sacnfox.html

  • 34.Society and culture of the Creek Indians, including customs...
    creek,indian,native,american,indians,americans,history,society,culture,allience,alliance,confederacy,nation,heritage,muskogee,cherokee,Indian Springs,treaty,ocheese,apalachicola,oconee,chiaha,osochi,okmulgee,guale,tacatacuru,hitchiti,tamathli,icafui,yamas
  • http://ngeorgia.com/history/creek.html

  • 35.Introduction to the Native American Piaroa Indian culture of the Venezuelan Amazon basin. This site is an educational resource for this unique tribe and provides supplementary links.
    piaroa, native, american, amazon, indian, south america, amazonian, shaman, shamanic, conservation, preservation, restoration, reconstruction, venezuela, cultures, dances, poems, jokes, stories, pictures, indigenous, environment, rain forest, rainforest,
  • http://www.indian-cultures.com/Cultures/piaroa.html

  • 36.First Nation Profiles List
    Annuary,Indigenous places where they lived,contacts
  • http://esd.inac.gc.ca/FNProfiles/FNProfiles_List.asp?Province1=ON

  • 37.The Yavapai-Apache Nation owns and operates the Cliff Castle Casino on their Camp Verde, AZ Reservation and maintains the Tribal Reservation in Clarkdale, AZ.
    native american, Yavapai, Arizona, Yavapai-Apache, Camp Verde, AZ, Clarkdale, AZ, AZ, indigenous peoples, indian, Indian reservations, Yavapai-Apache Nation, Apache
  • http://www.yavapai-apache-nation.com/

  • 38.Welcome to the Official Website of the Aymaco Taino Tribe
    International Tribal Charter The Native American Indian Taino Tribe Of Turabo.. Aymaco. BORINKEN (PUERTO RICO) International Charter, Reason For Being, Ancient Tribal Traditions And New Tribal Ways
  • http://www.indio.net/aymaco/index.html

  • 39.Yukayeke Guajataka is a family oriented community of Taino people. We have chosen to reaffirm our social structure as it was then, with contemporary applications now.
    YUKAYEKE GUAJATAKA,Freedom,Taino Family
  • http://mypeoplepc.com/members/tekina1/Guajataka/

  • 40.The American Indian Relief Council (AIRC) provides emergency relief and self-help programs to Sioux Indians living on the reservations of South Dakota.
    airc, american indian relief council, american indian, american indians, native american, native americans, native people, native peoples, indian, indians, indiginous, people, peoples, indian nations, american indian relief, indian relief, indian relief c
  • http://www.airc.org/reservations/laketraverse.html

  • 41.Tribal History and the Fort Peck Reservation
    The Fort Peck Reservation is home to two separate Indian nations, each composed of numerous bands and divisions. The Sioux divisions of Sisseton/Wahpetons, the Yantonais, and the Teton Hunkpapa are all represented. The Assiniboine bands of Canoe Paddler a
  • http://tlc.wtp.net/fortpeck.htm

  • 42.Centuries ago, ancestors of the Agua Caliente Cahuilla Indians settled in the Palm Springs area.
    Great Spirit of the land, the earth, the water, the air
  • http://www.aguacaliente.org/

  • 43.The Chickasaw Nation welcomes you to visit our great land, experience our culture and learn of our history.
    Chickasaw Nation, tribal, tribe, Five Civilized Tribes, sovereign, native american, Oklahoma, Culture, Heritage, Language, Business, Indian
  • http://www.chickasaw.net/

  • 44.The Official Citizen Potawatomi Nation
    WebsiteCitizen Potawatomi Nation, CPN, Oklahoma, Shawnee,American Indian, Kansas, history, genealogy, Native American, American Indian languages, orthography, Native American languages, pattawatomi Kansas, history, genealogy, Native American, American I
  • http://www.potawatomi.org/

  • 45.The Newsletter for Budget Travel is an established monthly publication specializing in affordable travel.
    newsletter, travel, budget, monthly newsletter, travel newsletter, budget travel, publications, tourism
  • http://www.westerndelaware.nsn.us/sys-tmpl/door/

  • 46.Welcome to the official home page of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community. We are located on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior. The Keweenaw Bay Indian Community is a part of the the Lake Superior Band of Chippewa Indians.
  • http://www.ojibwa.com/

  • 47.Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin Home Page
    Menominee Indian Tribe, Menominee Tribe Wisconsin, Menominee, Minomini, minomini, minomonee, menominee, Menominee Indian, Menominee Tribal Services, North American Indian Tribes, North American Indians, Menominee Tribal Agencies, Tribal Agencies, Menomine
  • http://www.menominee.nsn.us/

  • 48.Maintain, protect, and nurture our culture and spiritual and historic values through the celebration of its unique traditions, language, and sovereignty.
    Nature,The Prairie band,PBP Nation's Ressource
  • http://www.pbpindiantribe.com/

  • 49.Pueblo of Santa Ana Tribal Enterprises including apparel, foods, Indian gaming, championship golf course, 4-star restaurant, garden center and wholesale nursery.
    santa ana, Santa Ana, Santa Ana Pueblo, Pueblo of Santa Ana, native american, native american tribes, pueblo, native american foods, casino, native american casino, blue corn, apparel, native american apparel, championship golf course, golf course, casino
  • http://www.santaana.org/

  • 50.The Southwest Indian Relief Council (SWIRC) brings relief and self-help projects to many American Indian Reservations in the Southwest United States.
    Southwest Indian Relief Council, southwest, Southwest, indian, Indian, SWIRC, NRC, National Relief Charities, National, Relief, Charities, american indian, american indians, native americans, native, apache, navajo, hopi, pueblo, people, southern paiute
  • http://www.swirc.org/people/northern/hopi.html

    amerindien,indien d'amerique du nord,rosebud,south dakota,black hills,badlands,Réserve de Rosebud,Lakota, Dakota, Nakota, Sioux
  • http://membres.lycos.fr/southdakota/

  • 52.Pine Ridge Enfance Solidarité,Lakota
    Une association pour le bien être des enfants lakotas
  • http://www.pres.fr.st/

  • 53.Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation
    Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation
  • http://www.umatilla.nsn.us/

  • 54.Coeur d' Alene Tribe of Indians, Idaho
    Indian Tribes, American Indians, Native Americans
  • http://www.cdatribe.org/

  • 55.Historique sur la nation Sioux, très belles photographies
    sioux, lakota, dakota, amerindiens, indiens, wounded knee, aim, sitting bull, red cloud, fort laramie
  • http://woglakapi.free.fr/sioux/